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Indo-China Relation

The India China war of 1962 was a lesson for India. In the year 1963 a permanent solution to the vexed border issue between India and China was in offing. China asked for control over Aksai Chin and in return let India to have control over NEFA (Arunachal Pradesh). The offer was subsequently rejected by Mr. Nehru, the then prime minister of India. This post is linked internally.

Brief History

In late sixties, the tension between two neighbor was at all time high.Subsequently there was a war, called India China war of 1962 . Both parties had their military build up in the border areas. The tension was particularly high in the north eastern part of India. China had modernized the infrastructure in those parts . China very much knew that they had upper hand in that area.Indian government had, always given step-motherly treatment to the north eastern part of India since Independence.

Indian and Chinese Soldiers

Causes Of war

After the failure of negotiations and denial of adjudication by third countries, the war was inevitable. At first the  sign of disagreement came in the form of sporadic firing between two armies in the border. Subsequently a full blown war broke out when both parties were enraged over the killing of its troops.
China always had advantage over India due to its better infrastructure in the border area. It is connected by the mortared road which made the supply of men and ammunition very easy for its army. On the other hand the Indian Government lacked the vision and failed to envisage the importance of development of border area. So India paid the price. It lost the war and humiliated when The Chinese army made their way all the way up to Tezpur in Assam.

Amid all these the Prime Minster of India Mr. Nehru made a controversial announcement when he said”our heart goes out to the people of Arunachal Pradesh” . Many critics believed that the statement was a form of submission/ surrendering of Arunachal Pradesh by weak Nehru to China. The people of Arunachal Pradesh felt cheated.
But, remember China never wanted to stay in the territory of India on permanent basis. China was aggrieved by the policy of India towords Tibet. China wanted to teach India a lesson So, after almost a month the Chinese Army moved back. Subsequently they made the offer as mentioned above..

Dalai Lama factor

The spiritual leader came to India in late 1950 and India decided to offer asylum. The Chinese Govt. has always objected to this action of India. The Indian government has been maintaining the statement that the leader is always free to go back to his country. To know more click https://www.eoibeijing.gov.in/

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